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Hardcover Photobook: Retro Theme (A4, A5 or Square) (UK)

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✅ Premium Hardcover personalised with your own images on both the back and front. You can also add text to the cover or spine. (Not counted as pages)

✅ 20 full colour pages printed on Matte *160gsm Lay Flat V-Paper (10 Sheets of paper, printed back and front)

✅ Additional spreads available   (1 spread = 1 sheet of paper = 2 pages) These can be added during photobook creation process if required.

✅ There is practically no limit to the number of photos you can add! A single page can hold up to 9 photos, so although not recommended, a 20 page Photobook could essentially hold a maximum of 180 photos (20x9) plus one on the front cover if required. 


A4 LANDSCAPECOVER 300X215mm PAGES 280x210mm

A5 LANDSCAPE- COVER 215x155mm PAGES 200x148mm

SQUARE- COVER 215X215mm PAGES 200x210mm

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2-UPLOAD IMAGES and start creating your book 

3-Click ORDER and then checkout and pay. 


Instructions to Create Now & Order Later

Note that you are able to create your photobook over time before actually placing an order.

Simply follow the steps above, but click SAVE instead of placing the order. You can then name your project and when you ready to continue where you left off, visit YOUR ACCOUNT ( and click on MY PROJECTS and then EDIT to continue. You can also access your account area by clicking on your name at the top left of the website.

Important Notes

If you place an order and then realise afterwards that you need to make a critical change, like add a missed photo or edit text before we print it, you have a short timeframe of approximately 2 working hours to do so. (This opportunity is not guaranteed!) To edit an already submitted design you will need to get in touch soonest to halt printing and we will inform you how to go about editing and resubmitting the new design.



A sheet of paper has two sides. Each side is considered one page. So a single sheet of unfolded paper is two pages. Therefore, a 20 page Photobook will contain 10 sheets of paper printed on both sides. See below example: 2 x sheets = 4 pages



We use an innovative V-Paper. Click the link below to learn more!

*Regular paper vs the Lay Flat V-Paper solution


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